11 Best Jobs that Pay $38 an Hour in 2023

Are you looking for a properly-paying activity that gives a competitive hourly charge? In the brand new task market, finding an excessive-paying task is a priority for lots of individuals. If you are aiming for a rewarding career that will pay around $38 an hour, you are in success! In this newsletter, we can explore a number of the great jobs that offer this applicable hourly fee. These jobs now offer not only economic stability but additionally numerous opportunities for increase and private achievement. So, permit’s delve into the information of these profitable professions!

1. Software Developer

In the digital age, software program developers are in excessive demand. With their knowledge in designing and coding software program applications, they play an essential position in the tech enterprise. Software developers are accountable for developing revolutionary applications, troubleshooting problems, and ensuring optimal overall performance. They paint carefully with customers, engineers, and designers to increase consumer-pleasant and efficient software program answers. The typical hourly wage for software program builders is around $38, making it an attractive career choice.

2. Registered Nurse

Nursing is a noble career that gives excellent activity potentialities and aggressive profits. Registered nurses provide essential healthcare services, working alongside physicians to diagnose and deal with sufferers. They are responsible for administering medications, monitoring essential symptoms, and supplying emotional support to patients and their households. With the growing demand for healthcare experts, registered nurses can earn an average hourly wage of $38 or more.

3. Financial Analyst

For people with a passion for numbers and a keen eye for detail, a profession as an economic analyst may be surprisingly rewarding. Financial analysts verify the economic health of groups, analyze marketplace tendencies, and provide funding recommendations to clients. They help people and agencies make knowledgeable financial decisions by comparing facts and identifying potential risks and possibilities. Financial analysts earn around $38 consistently per hour, making it a rewarding discipline to remember.

4. Web Developer

In the modern-day digital world, companies depend closely on their online presence. Web builders are liable for growing and retaining websites, ensuring functionality, and enhancing consumer revel. They possess coding competencies, design aesthetics, and a deep understanding of net technology. With the increasing call for professional web developers, this profession offers a median hourly salary of $38 or greater.

5. Electrician

Skilled trades, along with electricians, are critical for preserving our modern-day infrastructure. Electricians deploy, repair, and maintain electrical structures in residential, business, and business settings. They work with quite a few gear and equipment to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of electrical structures. Electricians often earn an hourly wage of $38 or higher, relying on their experience and specialization.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers bring creativity and visible enchantment to diverse projects. They use their inventive abilities and technical information to create visible concepts, illustrations, and layouts for websites, advertisements, and print media. Graphic designers collaborate with customers to understand their requirements and supply compelling designs that communicate efficaciously. With a mean hourly salary of $38, picture design gives a rewarding professional path for creative individuals.

7. Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapy is an area that helps people get over accidents and enhance their general physical nicely-being. Physical therapist assistants paintings below the supervision of certified bodily therapists to offer therapeutic sporting events, massages, and treatments to sufferers. They play an essential role in assisting patients to regain mobility and alleviate pain. With a mean hourly salary of $38, becoming a physical therapist assistant may be a fulfilling and financially worthwhile profession preference.

8. Commercial Pilot

If you’ve got an ardor for aviation and a desire to discover the skies, a profession as an industrial pilot might be perfect for you. Commercial pilots fly aircraft for diverse functions, such as transporting passengers or shipments. They undergo tremendous training and acquire essential licenses and certifications to ensure safe and green flights. With a mean hourly salary of $38 or more, business pilots experience the fun of flying while incomes an aggressive salary.

9. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are chargeable for designing, reading, and enhancing mechanical structures and gadgets. They paint in diverse industries, including cars, aerospace, and production, to increase innovative answers. Mechanical engineers apply principles of physics and substance science to lay out and check mechanical additives. With their know-how, they contribute to advancements in the era and earn a mean hourly wage of $38 or higher.

10. Human Resources Manager

Human resources (HR) managers play a critical function in organizations by overseeing workers’ family members, recruitment, and schooling. They ensure compliance with labor legal guidelines, develop rules and techniques, and cope with employee-associated troubles. HR managers are chargeable for fostering wonderful paintings surroundings and supporting the growth and improvement of employees. With their critical duties, HR managers can earn an average hourly salary of $38 or more.

11. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are crucial members of dental care groups, imparting preventive oral healthcare services. They carry out enamel cleanings, take X-rays, and train sufferers on proper oral hygiene practices. Dental hygienists paintings closely with dentists to sell oral health and stumble on early signs of dental problems. With an average hourly salary of $38, dental hygiene gives a profitable career direction in the healthcare enterprise.


the job market gives several careers costing around $38 an hour or more. From software development to dental hygiene, those professions offer superb earning capacity and growth opportunities. Whether you have an ardor for generation, healthcare, or design, there is a high-paying job for you. Consider exploring those alternatives and pursuing a career that now not most effective gives monetary balance but also aligns together with your pursuits and aspirations. Remember, with willpower and non-stop mastering, you may acquire achievement in any of these worthwhile professions. So, take the first step closer to a fulfilling career these days!

Summary Table

Post Name Working Hours Salary/ Hour
Psychologist 8 to 9 hours $40 to $45
Lawyer 6 to 7 hours $100 to $500
Business Analyst 6 to 7 hours $38 to $50
Software Developer 5 to 6 hours $40 to $100
Pharmacist 6 to 7 hours $55 to $60
Freelance Writer 5 to 6 hours $30 to $50
Bartender 5 to 6 hours $75 to $80
App Developer 8 to 9 hours $45 to $50
Makeup Artist 5 to 6 hours $45 to $50

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